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Register Nurse Vacany in Al-Mossa Hospital Saudi Arabia

Al-mossa specialist hospital was opened in 1996.  The hospital was the first private hospital in alahsa.  It has been known for its professional medical team, variety  of services and all the needed medical and surgical specialist and units.  The hospital has introduced the healing  environment for the patient that includes special intention to details for the highest medical care  and hospitality.

The hospital maintained great focus on helping the patients and the society by being able to operate  240  beds and including all the needed centers and medical specialties as follows :

·         Pediatric and child care

·         Heart Center

·         intensive care unit with 35 bed .

·         Dental center

·         ENT and Audiology

·         General surgery.

·         Ophthalmology.

·         Psychiatry

·         OB/Gyne.

·         Orthopedic . Spine and Joints replacements.

·         Neurology and neurosurgery

·         Vascular.

·         Dermatology.

·         Plastic surgery
A comprehensive laboratory services .
·         Physiotherapy.

·         radiology .

·         Hemodialysis.

The philosophy of Almoosa specialist hospital is, patient is the centered care of the hospital and all of the provided services are based on the needs of the patients, with an intensive care about the details. This philosophy brings the best experience for the patients at Almoosa hospital. Almoosa hospital deals with the patient spiritually, physical and mentally to meet all of their physical, psychological and social needs. Family and friends support show a major corporation In treating the patient and make decision.

The colorful and brightness of the hospital help the patients getting positive energy and healthy. The hospital can hold up to 240 medical beds, as well as qualified doctors, nurses, up-to-date medical equipment to maintain the great development of the hospital

Almoosa hospital has been treating  Aramco employees in affiliation with Saudi Aramco since  In 1998 and other major employers and insurance  companies that contributed in the success of Almoosa hospital.

·         Accreditation and certificates:

Almoosa hospital provides the best services that maintain the international stands of the Joint commission international accreditation, (JCIA) that is responsible in maintaining the quality standards  in health care. The hospital has acquired the accreditation that identifies the quality of services and safety in 2009.  The hard work and dedication showed the evidence by getting the reaccreditation for the second time in 2012 and in 2015.   The hospital has also gained the accreditation from CBAHI ( central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions ) l.  The hospital was the winner of the 2013 Chamber of Commerce award for service excellence and efficiency.

·         Joining the planetree:

Planetree is a nonprofit patient-centered care organization of hospitals and other health care organizations founded in 1978,the hospital is the first Hospital in Middle East to affiliate with  planetree in an effort to enhance the patient experience and to apply the best patient centered care practices.  Planetree works with Almoosa hospital to install the rolls and strategies, as well as maintaining the needs of the psychological and emotional support of the patients.  It also provides educational and information resources with the cooperation and support of Almoosa hospital.

·         HACCP:

HACCP is an international accreditation services that includes national strategy services in all stages from the market to the storage to the kitchen and ending on the meal of the patients.  This is managed by international surveyors from the UK that is authorized by the manager of HACCP certificate.


Dharan St | Alfaisal District | Al-Ahsa P.O. Box 5098
Eastern Province | Saudi Arabia 


+96613 5369666


+96613 5369600 


Vacancy for Registered Nurses.
Here you can upload your CV to apply in Almoosa General Hospital


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